care more than some think is wise; risk more than some think is safe;
dream more than some think is practical; expect more than some think is possible


bare feet

there are a couple of things that come to mind when I picture bare feet.

but the most recent mental picture was different than the others.

it happened on thanksgiving! a great day to sit in remembrance of all that I have to be so grateful and thankful for ... but that's not what I did this past turkey day. I could not stop remembering the faces and feet of the many little children and adults alike, that I saw and met and cried over this summer in the Dominican Republic, in some of the poorest living conditions I have ever seen!

so as I sat on my butt and stuffed my face full of food, warm and cozy around the fire, comfortable and fat watching football, and just barely squeaking down several small pieces of desert here and there, only to eventually fall asleep, safe and sound in my bed with many snugly covers in my family's suburbia home ... on and off I could not stop thinking of those little children all day long...

and i only say 'i could not stop thinking ' b/c at times I felt guilty for enjoying myself so much in such abundance ... as we are all pros at here in the Land of Excess, America! i felt guilty b/c i told them i loved them, that i would pray for them, that i would go and see them again, that I would x, y, and z for them too. but the truth is, i haven't even emailed them. i was given four email addresses, and i have not sent a single email in the four months since the trip. now there is something dramatically wrong with that ... which is not to say that an email is an effective means of ministry, but at least they would realize i haven't just forgot about them! 

2 cor 12.15 says,  "I will most gladly spend and be spent for your souls..."  and col 4.17 says, "See that you fulfill the ministry that you have received in the Lord." ... I have not done either of these, if by sending several emails and praying for these dear souls in the DR is what the Lord has called me to do for their souls as a ministry ... 


Fully Remodeled ...

So it has finally happened. Had you asked me some time ago, I would have said,"No never, it just won't, it cant' happen." Well, it has.

My chest's remodeling is now complete. It began with the insertion of medical hardware, some software in the form of two new lungs, and the insertion of a metal cable accompanying the lungs.

The first step toward a complete restoration was the lungs, the most major and important aspect! The second step was the removal of that damn metal wire from my chest. It hurt, and protruded some, it was ugly and noticeable too! NOW, for the gran' finale ... the removal of the last piece of medical hardware ... the port! The IV Port ... its gone, hasta la vista bebe! Peace consuela! No mas!

Now my chest is as new as a new born baby's chest ... just not so small, or smooth, plus 5 scars, and about 500 staple scars, but other than all that, its just like a baby's chest!



For those of you who may glance my way over the next several days ... I need you to be praying for a lady in my department here at the Horticulture Dept at Auburn ... Tamikka Thomas. She is a sweet lady and a great help around the Dept.

Early this morning (5-6am) her youngest daughter, Brianna - 7 yrs old - passed away, unexpectedly. Incredibly unexpectedly! I cant imagine her pain and grief. So pray for God's sweet, tender and merciful hand and voice to be strong in her life, to feel the warmth of His love through those of us here in the Dept.

I don't know any more than what I have already said, but I will update later when I do. Please pray for her and her family. And pray that God glorify himself in our Dept through this tragedy.


a broken altar

sanctimonious lies
pure eyes, radiant white
a heart of darkness 
deceit is well alive 

at the altar stand
veil soon to be removed
the husband anxious
bride covering her shame

he stares intense at her
she shutters at his glare
so loving, so true
she knows the truth is known

broken, bruised, deceived
she collapses to floor
crying, lying not
life fades as she weeps long

he stoops to
her side
from behind shy, red eyes
she sees and behold
the crown, thorns buried deep

blood trickles along his brow
hands bruised, pierced through
clear tears streak, stream down
he speaks forgiveness whole

the whore he welcomes in
the thief he will pardon
the stains removed now
upon us his face shines


you have got to be kidding me!

Obama ...strike yet again.

I just heard minutes ago on FoxNews, that Obama has some new supporters. Who are they?

They are - Hizabla, Hugo Chavez, and some political leaders from Iran!?

This is absurd. This all confirms my earlier post expressing my concern and thoughts that Obama may have terrorist ties. And if he doesnt have terrorist ties, isnt it enough to alert us that anti-American &/or terrorist harboring nations are so quick to come and support him?

Answer me that!