care more than some think is wise; risk more than some think is safe;
dream more than some think is practical; expect more than some think is possible


Does this make me a Hokie, cause I feel like a tiger.

Yesterday, in 13 hours, I left a life in Birmingham AL that I have known for 10 years, for a new life in Virginia Beach, VA. The only word I have for it is surreal. Simply put, it does not seem real.

Being married to Meredith in four months seems more real to me, than actually being in Va Beach ... for good, not just for a trip. I am here to stay. Its bizarre. My family and I moved to five different cities growing up, but its been a long time since I have permanently relocated, so I've grown a bit unfamiliar with the feelings associated with such changes. But it is good; its good because I am bought and loved by a good God. He does all things well. In Genesis he rejoiced at the good work of His hands in creation. Each new day passed and He proclaimed to a universe reverberating with His glory, "IT IS GOOD!" This is not surprising, because He was simply - yet in no unmistakable fashion - declaring with absolute certainty what is true of Himself, of His character. That He is good.

Thus reason and logic would lead me here ... This is also good. I'd even say great! Which leads me to ask, "Why the mixed feelings?" The answer is simply, with multiple facets.

I had to say goodbye to the girl I love, the girl I am head over heels for, my fiancé. Show me a guy who has to leave his fiancé for a time who is not grieved and with a heavy heart, and I'll show you a guy who does not love her well or right.

I had to say goodbye to my mom and dad and little brother, who I have had the pleasure to living with for the last year, albeit unexpected.

I had to say goodbye to friends I love, even to friends who recently moved to the area that I've known since living in Auburn.

I dropped everything I've grown to know and love all for a new location, new job, new friends, new culture. It may come as a surprise, but the culture of Birmingham AL and Virginia Beach, VA are NOT the same. Sorry, I am not trying to sound like some martyr or something, this is just the flow of thoughts in my head and heart right now.

BUT ... I am excited. I have not doubt this will be a good place, a good life. Christ has poured blessing upon blessing out and grace upon grace over me, to give me the desires of my heart. So I am moving forward, praying that I keep this mindset and to press on to live the best life I can. I feel almost like I've been given the chance to start over, or at least again. ... I feel as though I am running full steam ahead, in light of God's blessing to the next phase of life. And its very exciting.

I guess I just have one question. Since I am going to be working for Virginia Tech - starting tomorrow - does this make me a Hokie? 'Cause I feel like a Tiger! (And I know my answer to that one too).



There are many happenings to report. The happenings are all a reflection of God's grace, providence, and provision overflowing my cup. Its His love in my life, and it is all for His glory.

Good things happen to lousy people. I can testify to this. My life is living evidence of this. Why lousy? The Bible explains this in great detail. ...

In my own natural state, I hate God - the Creator, Sovereign, and Father of all men - in my natural state - left to my own devises - I hate Him. Why? Because in my natural state I love self more. Thus I am well acquainted with the crowd who cried "Crucify! Crucify!" that dark day years ago, as my God saw it best to raise up the only perfect and only righteous Man the world has ever known upon a rugged cross of wood, so that my wrath, your wrath, all wrath due to all men from a holy and just God would be lain upon Jesus' shoulders. He bore in 3 hours, what you and I could never pay in an eternity in hell. In doing so, He lived the life I could never live and died the death I deserve to die. In it all, He made me His own.

Therefore good things - check that - great & marvelous things happen to lousy people, because I know the Gracious God of all who pours out undue blessing, because He loves me to extents I will never be able to explain. All I know, is blessings overflow. A lot.


  • Jan 21st 2011 - Meredith and I start dating (a strong testament to God's grace in and of itself since she is way - WAY - out of my league).
  • May 2011 - What appeared to be a secure future employment opportunity fell through. Vanished.
  • June 2011- I began to hunt for a real job, or as a friend called it, "a big boy job" ... It was not a bright prospect in this economy, as I soon found out.
  • July 14th 2011 - I received a call from folks at Virginia Tech, desiring to set up a webcam interview ... 15 minutes later I got an email from some folks in Missouri about flying me to their operation for an interview ... think: FREAKOUT!!!!
  • July 18th - Interview with Va Tech
  • July 21st - 6 month dating anniversary with Meredith!
  • July 23-24th 2011 - Initial trip to MO for an interview.
  • July 31 August 1st 2011 - Traveled to Va Tech for round two interview
  • August 2-3rd 2011 - Meredith and I fly to MO again for round two of interviews.
  • Shortly after these two trip the Lord opened doors for the Va Tech position to be the one I accepted.
  • AUGUST 5TH 2011- the woman of my dreams - or beyond my dreams said YES to MARRYING me!!! Meredith and I are engaged and set to be married in January 7th 2012 ... 50 weeks to the day of when we started dating.
  • And now it is August 21st, and in 31 hours or so I am set to leave Birmingham AL and move myself to Virginia Beach, VA ... for a while to come I imagine, and soon thereafter Mere will join me as we are married, and we begin our life together .. and i cannot wait!!!
Life has just happened. Its been a whirlwind & the ride has been amazing. All things consider, they have left me in need of catching my breath, because its been taken time & again this year as the Lord has shown Himself to be more & more amazing. And still in some sense, I know I am just at the tip of the iceberg, of God's great & amazing nature, and of life itself.

Moving forward, all I can think is, "I cannot wait! Let's do this!"