care more than some think is wise; risk more than some think is safe;
dream more than some think is practical; expect more than some think is possible


Thanksgiving in the Sky

Are we still an awe-inspired race? Are you a human being with a sense of “amazement” about you, a sense of “wow,” a feeling of wonder?
It is easy not to be. But at times I am reminded of my own ability to be awe-struck; for what could be considered “common-place” to still strike at my heart, and fill me up to the brim with wonder like a young boy watching massive earth-moving equipment, or a space shuttle launching, or men in heavy suits running into a burning building. I know the feeling because I used to be that little boy. At times I still am, and now at times I am the one driving those machines (albeit they are not quite “massive”).
You see, I was flying home for Thanksgiving to Birmingham, where are my fiancĂ©, my family, my future in-laws, and friends. The point is not actually that I was awe-inspired that I get to see them, although I was supremely thankful (But I was also excited to see them, especially my fiancĂ©, but my family too!). It was the flying that had me thinking along these lines. You see, from the day I first experience flying until now ... I get giddy like a child the night before Santa comes. I was giddy like the night when I was 9 years old and my family and I were flying to Maine the next day to celebrate my 10th birthday with family at a cabin my grandparents used to own. That night I, slept in the very clothes I was going to be wearing on the plane the next day!!! My older brother made fun of me. Ha. 
Thats the kind of inspiration I am talking about. Its an excitement to be felt in the depth of who you are, at the core of your being. Granted, I did not sleep the night before traveling home for Thanksgiving in what I wore while traveling, but I was excited about my travels. And as best as it could have been, I had a window seat! I am so thankful for little things like that. I sat next to this really kind and loving young couple, who were clearly in love (not in a gross PDA kind of way, but in a good flirty kind of way). It was just a nice flight.
We took off through a thick layer of clouds, it was stormy and overcast that morning in Virginia Beach. Before we pierced through the clouds, I could see as far as forever ... and there the sun was breaking through in majestic fashion, with its striking rays of light warming the earth below. Then the clouds, like a white out. Then the sun and bright, perfect, spotless blue skies, with the thickest, most cotton-like layer of clouds below you could imagine! It honestly reminded me a of sea, rolling gently with waves ... I could really almost see it rise and fall. It was ... awe-inspiring!
And of course I would be far out of place to go on and on about the beautiful creation I witnessed from a bird’s eye view, without mentioning and raving on about the God who created it all!!! Its amazing ... because He is amazing. It is awe-inspiring because He is awe-inspiring. Its the truth. Consider David’s own proclamation of God’s handiwork, “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork. Day to day pours out speech, and night to night reveals knowledge.” (Ps 19:1-2) This is the absolute end of creation, the magnification of its Creator. As we rose above the clouds, all I could do was look with child-like wonder and thank my God for such a demonstration of himself.
And then I did it all over again from Atlanta to Birmingham, and I have no problem with that. The flight does not get old. I truly enjoy them. I am like a kid when I am around planes, I am awe-struck. Ask Meredith. She has flown with me and knows how I can be. I always mention something about how amazing it is that we climb into a hunk of metal, use the air to propel us forward and upward and before we know it, we are moving through the skies and the heavens at 100’s of miles per hour. ...  WHAT??? I know, it is so insane. And then to think we often do not bat an eye about FLIGHT, but instead complain! We should all be ashamed of ourselves for loosing our sense of wonder. I am when I do.
And if this is not enough to be amazed with, consider what David says later in Psalm 19, “Who can discern his errors? Declare me innocent form hidden faults. Keep back your servant also from presumptuous sins; let them not have dominion over me! Then I shall be blameless and innocent of great transgression. Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O LORD , my rock and my redeemer.” ... Basically what David just said is that as a human being, he is not even aware of all of his faults and in order to be blameless and holy before the Lord he (all of us) are dependent upon the Lord to enlighten our dimmed vision to see where we may stumble both known and unknown, both willingly and unknowingly. We need a God - a SAVIOR - who is so gracious, that he will be willing to keep us from destroying ourselves!!! If He keeps us and warns us, guides in righteousness then our meditations and words and lives will be pleasing and honoring to Him. 
THAT IS AMAZING. It is also all we need to be thankful, not that we don’t have countless blessing to be thankful for too.
So, stay awe-struck and be thankful. Happy belated Thanksgiving.