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I don't right about this much

I'm pretty sure not many people read this ... even so I at least wanted to jot down a few brief thoughts.

Even though I do not write much, here or anywhere else for that matter, about having Cystic Fibrosis, being a double-lung transplant patient, or having diabetes ... I will today.

Several thoughts ...

First, if you are someone in a similar situation to mine own, why do you let all your thoughts be about CF & the difficulty it puts you through? Why dwell on the horrible aspects of CF all the time? Why sit around and choose to gripe and vent about what is so wrong in your life?

Second, if you do not gripe about it all the time, why let your entire existence revolve around it? Why have a blog dedicated to all things CF? Perhaps its because you want people to be aware of CF. That is good and dandy, but it doesn't always have to be 110% CF this or CF that. Write or say something without including how CF impacts that aspect of your life?

Thirdly if the first question I posed describes you, why are you so angry about CF? I get it, actually I know first hand the very devastating affects CF can have. I know how it kills people who are young, don't deserve to die early, etc. I was almost one of them. And that time of my life was horrible! And there was a time I was very angry about CF and it affected my whole life. In very negative ways! Why do you post on Facebook, your blog, or twitter or any other social media all your angry, resentful, harsh and off-putting comments about CF?

Here's what I want to say ... QUIT BEING SO ANGRY ABOUT CF ALL TIME!

Its not helping you stay healthy, I can promise you that! Trying finding the good in life that often is hidden under layers of difficulty and hardship. Try being determined to enjoy life, without focusing so much on how CF ruins everything.

I learned this from my wife. You should try it ... go for a brisk walk, a jog, or run and instead of finding that your winded and griping ... turn it into to thankfulness and gratitude that you are able-bodied enough to walk or run. Some people cannot even do that! If it hurts, be grateful that you're alive enough to feel pain! Turn your anger into determination to beat a beastly disease ... but do that without griping all the time.

That is all.

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  1. Just found your blog. Good stuff. God is good.